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The Transformers takes the reader on a journey through the digital world in times when economic conditions force companies to manage their bottom-line rigorously. Despite these conditions, digitization is in full swing. Simplified digital strategies can create competitive advantages for companies' futures, shielding them from potential threats. Published right in time, the book The Transformers shows how companies can immediately save cost with data transformation at the push of a button, and, at the same time, accelerate their digitization journeys. It will empower them to drive end-to-end information management of the digital core successfully.


The book aims at business leaders and the entire C-suite management. Additionally, all responsible decision-makers who lead digital transformation projects or are in the middle of its preparations will benefit from its content. While Graesser explains the value of a data management platform in general terms, transformational leaders, especially within the SAP world, will pull great benefit from the many examples of digital business transformation provided.

The Transformers

SKU: 9781735058412
  • Business Book, hard cover, 174 pages

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