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   In nature and business, change is the prevailing constant. This booklet, Escape the Change Dilemma – Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World, draws attention to the continual change in the world of data, the underlying foundation for the larger-scale digital business transformation. The JiVS Information Management Platform sits front and center, setting the stage for company leaders such as the CEO, the CFO, the CIO, and the COO. Furthermore, the leaders' specific dilemmas they have to overcome are described. This publication offers so-called Escape Routes from all these exposed dilemmas, and as such, it provides a hands-on cookbook for digital data transformation scenarios. The chief roles of corporate leadership and business and IT leaders of smaller companies, decision-makers, and program leaders tasked with the digital data transformation topic gain significant insight.

   The digital transformation challenges in large and complex organizations are multifold. The biggest challenge, however, is the legacy challenge. Often preserving the past, many large corporations go in small incremental change steps rather than dramatically change and potentially disrupt business execution's status quo. Considering the massive, gathered data across all the legacy systems, wouldn't it be wishful thinking to consolidate all the data into one central source of truth and getting rid of the old systems? No, it's not wishful thinking. This booklet will explain how corporations can quickly transform data reliably and securely at the push of a button.

   Numerous Dilemmas of Change exist that Graesser explains and breaks down for the most senior leadership roles within companies. As the corporation's overall leader, the CEO needs to decide business matters every day, despite sometimes facing significant knowledge gaps in certain areas. The booklet describes the CEO's five most significant dilemmas along with its Escape Routes that guide the way out of the challenges. The CFO's digital data journey's viewpoints center around the compelling business case to decommission old IT systems.  And when it comes to Information Technology, the CIO has to escape several dilemmas, too. A compelling hands-on implementation framework for Digital Transformation allows the CIO to conquer the driver's seat in no time.

   Escape the Change Dilemma concludes with hands-on advice to implement data transformation and presents the JiVS Implementation Methodology called 'From Vision to Operation.'

In summary, Escape the Change Dilemma provides how-to-guides for getting out of digital dilemmas, written for companies' top managers and business leaders. The readers learn about data platforms such as JiVS IMP to kickstart larger corporations' digital journeys and smaller and medium-sized companies.

Escape the Change Dilemma - Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World

SKU: 9781735058436
  • Business Book, hard cover, 73 pages

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