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Book Publishing


April 2019

The Five Pitfalls of Software Implementations.

Within my study of failures of software implementations (conducted in 2018), I revealed five failure clusters - in the following called the Five Pitfalls of Software Implementations.

The number-one-ranked pitfall, Underestimation of System Performance Issues, impacted the most software implementation projects. Most of the time, the system performance impacted the usability of software applications severely.

The second-ranked failure cluster, the Weak Program Governance and Leadership, often occurred due to the absence of qualified leaders and experienced governance members sitting on the respective steering committees.

A number of operational areas follow in the pitfall ranking: Operational Unreadiness, the Mismanagement of Missing Software Features, and the vast area of Late Testing and Defect Resolution. The root causes for all three pitfalls include the absence of proactive system monitoring, poorly managed test execution, and defect resolution neither handled efficiently nor effectively.

​The book provides KPIs for each section of the Five Pitfalls of Software Implementations, and it depicts the measurements to prevent proactively any of the pitfalls from occurring. Spider graph visualizations ensure easy understanding of complex topics, enabling management communication to the entire implementation team.

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