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Book Publishing


August 2022

JiVS ONE CLICK TRANSFORMATION introduces the JiVS way of transforming data and describes its business value as a Data Fabric platform. The booklet lays out the data transformation concepts considering Green Field, Brown Field, and the JiVS ONE CLICK approach.

Why is data transformation needed? Any business transformation uses data as the foundation and glue for its business models. This booklet sets a laser-sharp focus on active data and explains in detail how Data Reduction Cockpits and Data Analytical Dashboards empower the success of the business transformation. The reader gets a broad understanding of Data Fabric Design, the brand-new data concept consisting of data integration, data virtualization, and data orchestration. As such, Data Fabric seamlessly integrates data sources from a wide variety of software applications.

What exactly is the JiVS ONE CLICK TRANSFORMATION? It is the capability to initiate data transformation at the push of a button, and it is the cornerstone of the JiVS Way. The data transformation works from any database to an SAP S/4HANA system or any other system.

The data transformation represents the core of any significant business innovation, and JiVS ONE CLICK empowers compelling data analysis. By finishing the data transformation, clean databases will be the foundation for running the new business models, predicting trends and future outcomes in unthinkable ways. Every SAP leader knows that smaller data footprints significantly improve the SAP operation.
Customer-success stories and compelling best-practice advice enhance understanding the JiVS ONE CLICK approach, particularly about initiating data transformation quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

The audiences of the JiVS ONE CLICK TRANSFORMATION include SAP customers and their CIOs, executives, business managers, program leaders tasked with Digital Transformation projects, and SAP consulting firms and SAP consultants.

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