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Escape the Change Dilemma

Project Type

Book Publishing


April 2021

In nature and business, change is the prevailing constant. The booklet ESCAPE THE CHANGE DILEMMA – Transformation to a Smart Data-Driven World will draw attention to the continual change in the world of data, the underlying foundation for the larger-scale digital business transformation. Company officers such as the CEO, the CFO, the CIO, and the COO will greatly benefit from this publication. On the one hand, these leaders' specific dilemmas are laid out in detail. On the other hand, so-called Escape Routes are offered to overcome the exposed dilemmas. As such, the readers get a very condensed and hands-on 'cookbook' for digital transformation scenarios, particularly on the data layer.

By looking at large and complex organizations, the digital transformation challenges are multifold. The biggest challenge, however, is what the author names as the legacy challenge. Often preserving the past, many large corporations proceed in too small incremental change steps rather than dramatically change business execution's status quo. Considering the massive, gathered data across all the legacy systems, wouldn't it be wishful thinking to consolidate all the data into one central source of truth and getting rid of the old systems? No, it's not wishful thinking. Escape the Change Dilemma explains how corporations can quickly transform data reliably and securely at the push of a button.

In summary, the booklet provides how-to guides for companies' top managers and business leaders. They learn about data platforms such as JiVS IMP to kickstart larger corporations' digital journeys and smaller and medium-sized companies towards state-of-the-art platforms such as SAP S/4HANA.

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