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Digital Business Transformation

The Time is Now.

Reaching your Customers? Digital.

Connecting with Prospects? Digital.

Collecting Leads? Digital.

Business Transformation NOW.

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Digital Readiness Assessment

Is your business ready for digital? Where do you stand in terms of your Digital Readiness?


Find out in a matter of minutes.

Digital Business Model Canvas

How do you know you're covering all business areas with DIGITAL?

innovad's Digital Business Model Canvas helps to evaluate your Digital Vision.

Strategy and Tactics

Strategy and Tactics are twins like Yin and Yan. 


Define your unique strategy using the Strategic Compass and the Tactical Escalator to create your execution plans. 

Testimonials about

The Transformers

Simplification Strategies for the Digital Enterprise

“The simplification of IT landscapes during mergers always creates a massive business case. And all the preparation during the transformations to manage Big Data with AI and ML approaches is absolutely strategic. The book 'The Transformers' clarifies to its readers how data historization enables simplification and ignites digitized business.”

Klaus Besier
Board member, Investor, and former CEO of SAP Americas


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Digital Business Transformation requires both, the business vision + strategy and the technical understanding about digital applicability.

Start with an assessment to find out if you're ready and prepared for DIGITAL.


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